Hiring out The Brassall Centre provides a source of income that helps to support the ministries of Beacon Community – a Baptist Church. As venue hire increases, so too does our capacity to support the various local and global ministries that comprise our church community.

However, facility hire is about more than earning an income – it’s about building relationships with a variety of groups and individuals in the community. Through   keeping our prices affordable, we match the expenditure needs of our target groups, namely small businesses, non-profit organizations and community groups within the Ipswich and wider community. For some of these groups, their first interaction with a church-owned and operated Centre will be through hiring The Brassall Centre. Others may have had negative experiences or impressions of church previously, which gives us, as a church community, such an important opportunity to show love, respect and care. This is regularly demonstrated at a staff level through working to make the hirer’s event a success, and their experience of Christians in this environment positive. It is also demonstrated in the flexibility and accommodation of various ministries in sharing the space with hirers. Last but not least, when you attend a hirer’s event or make them feel welcome during a chance encounter, you are helping to show love and build community.